Office of Technical Support & Asset Management

Michael Kopp, Assistant Director

Michael Kopp, Assistant Director



The mission of the Office of Technical Support and Asset Management (OTSAM) is to provide comprehensive and high quality services to the EMCBC, small and closure sites, and the DOE Complex. OTSAM will meet or exceed our customer's expectations in providing Technical Support and Asset Management including Federal Project Management support, Regulatory Compliance, Safety Management Systems, Contractor Oversight Assistance, Waste Management, Transportation, Quality Assurance, Emergency Management, Security, Classification / Declassification Services, Records Management, Real Estate Services and Personal Property Support and Guidance. The Corporate Activity Resource Request (CARR) is the mechanism most widely used for requesting OTSAM support and assistance.

Office of Technical Support and Asset Management Services Include:

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Environment, Safety, Health, and Quality

Performance Assurance

Personal Property

Real Property Management

Employee Concerns Program


EMCBC National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

For information on EMCBC NEPA Compliance, please contact the EMCBC NEPA Compliance Officer, Mr. Pete Yerace.
Mr. Yerace can be contacted telephonically at:
(513) 246-0598, or

Additionally, Mr. Yerace can be emailed at:

DOE Office of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Compliance

Classification Support

Jill McLaughlin, Classification Officer



The mission of the Classification Support Team is to provide support/guidance concerning classified or sensitive information for the Office of Environmental Management and other DOE customers across the complex.

Environment, Safety, Health, and Quality Assurance

John Sattler, Director Safety and Health Division



The mission of the ESH&Q Team is to provide comprehensive and high quality services and support to the EMCBC, small and closure sites, and the DOE Complex. The ESH&Q team will meet or exceed our customer's expectations by providing services and support in Regulatory Compliance, Safety Management Systems, Quality Systems, Environmental Management Systems, Contractor Assurance and DOE Oversight Assistance.

Personal Property

Dave Lojek, Team Lead



The Personal Property Team is dedicated to provide ACMP certified subject matter expertise in the area of Government Personal Property Management. The Personal Property Team will exceed our customer's expectations in achieving and sustaining operational excellence through accounting for, safeguarding, and utilizing Government property. The EMCBC Personal Property Team provides day-to-day government property management and oversight for Contract Property Administration; Federal Property Management; and Motor Vehicle Fleet Management. The Property Team performs surveillances and assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of personal property management systems and processes. The Personal Property Team directs the efficient use of resources through reutilization of property. The Team also provides motor equipment fleet management and GSA vehicle fleet management.

Performance Assurance

Tim Marcus, Team Lead



The mission of the Performance Assurance Team is to provide comprehensive and high quality service and support to the EMCBC, small and closure sites, and the DOE Complex. The Performance Assurance team will meet or exceed customer's expectations in producing services and support in the areas of Personnel, Physical, Information & Industrial Security, Emergency Management, Waste and Radiological Program Management, Transportation Management and Records Management. Service and Support will be provided in concert with Contractor Assurance and DOE Oversight requirements.

Real Property Management

Robert Everson, Director Technical Services and Asset Management Division



The mission of the Real Property Team is to provide a group of highly qualified Certified Realty Specialists necessary to accomplish real property transactions. We are DOE certified to plan, acquire, negotiate, lease and dispose of real property assets throughout the DOE Environmental Management complex. The Real Property Team partners with large and small customer sites to ensure a results driven approach to real property management that supports and enhances project success. The goal of our efforts is to reduce the costs in areas of administration, leasing acquisition, and property disposition while providing excellent customer service. We use our experience to adhere to Departmental and Federal policies and guidance while completing projects with the greatest efficiency. Additionally, we provide comprehensive facility management and administrative services for the EMCBC.

Technical Services Staff

Robert Everson, Division Director



The mission of the Technical Services Staff is to provide technical and subject matter environmental remediation and closure expertise for DOE sites and Projects. DOE support is provided primarily via EMCBC Cadre; these employees have signed mobility agreements and are on-site at several EM closure sites and Projects. The EMCBC Cadre currently includes Federal Project Directors, Facility Representatives, Program Managers, and other EMCBC safety and/or technical subject matter experts. The Division Director also manages EMCBC small business contracts to supplement DOE safety and technical oversight support requirements.

Focus Areas for Operational Oversight


Office of Logistics Management

Functional Area

Requirements / References

CRAD Hyperlink

Note:  The directives and associated CRADs are current as of the date of this listing. This listing is periodically reviewed and updated. However, the assessor should verify that no significant changes have occurred to selected CRADs and/or directives and that they match the program implementation requirements used or required by contract. UPDATED: 3-15-2010

Project/Contract Management

O 413.3A Chg 1
48 CFR Ch 1 & Ch 9


Training & Qualification

O 360.1B
M 360.1-1B
O 5480.20A Chg 1


[Acquisition Career Management Program]

O 361.1B


[Technical Qualification Program]

O 426.1

TQP Assessment Objectives & Criteria

Construction/Operations Management


Conduct of Operations

O 5480.19 Chg 2

DOE O 5480.19 Program Requirements
Chapter 1 Checklist
Chapter 2 Checklist
Chapter 3 Checklist
Chapter 4 Checklist
Chapter 5 Checklist
Chapter 6 Checklist
Chapter 7 Checklist
Chapter 8 Checklist
Chapter 9 Checklist
Chapter 10 Checklist
Chapter 11 Checklist
Chapter 12 Checklist
Chapter 13 Checklist
Chapter 14 Checklist
Chapter 15 Checklist
Chapter 16 Checklist
Chapter 17 Checklist
Chapter 18 Checklist

Engineering/Configuration Management


Maintenance Management Programs

O 433.1A


Radioactive/Hazardous Waste Management

O 435.1 Chg 1
M 435.1-1 Chg 1


Contact-Handled TRU Waste

EM Contact-Handled TRU Waste Packaging Instructions


[DOE Consolidated Audit Program]


Checklist 1 - Quality Assurance Management Systems
Checklist 2 - Sampling & Analytical Data Quality
Checklist 3 - Waste Operations
Checklist 4 - Environmental Compliance & Permitting
Checklist 5 - Radiological Control
Checklist 6 - Industrial & Chemical Safety
Checklist 7 - Transportation Management

Packaging & Transportation

O 460.1B
O 460.2A
M 460.2-1A
HQ Guidance on M 460.2-1A


[Transportation Safety & Operations Compliance Assurance Program]

Transportation Safety & Operations Compliance Assurance Program

SARD 1 - General Management of Transportation & Packaging Programs
SARD 2 - Hazardous & Radioactive Materials Packaging
SARD 3 - Hazardous & Radioactive Materials Shipper
SARD 4 - Transportation Management Operations
SARD 5 - Contractor Motor Carrier Operations
SARD 6 - Onsite Contractor Railroad Operations
SARD 7 - Transportation Emergency Response
SARD 8 - HAZMAT Employee Training
SARD 9 - Contractor Transportation Security Plans

Sub-Contractor Programs


Real Property Asset Management

O 430.1B Chg 1

DOE O 430.1B Federal Requirements Checklist
DOE O 430.1B Contractor Requirements Checklist

Departmental Energy, Renewable Energy & Transportation Management

O 430.2B


Personal Property Management

O 580.1 Chg 1

DOE O 580.1 Federal Requirements
DOE O 580.1 Contractor Requirements

Motor Equipment Management

41 CFR 109


Records Management

O 243.1
O 243.2

DOE O 243.1 Federal Requirements
DOE O 243.1 Contractor Requirements
DOE O 243.2 Federal Requirements
DOE O 243.2 Contractor Requirements

NARA Directives
[National Archives and Records Administration]


Quality Assurance Program

10 CFR 830 A
O 414.1C
G 414.1-1B
G 414.1-2A
G 414.1-3
G 414.1-4
G 414.1-5

QAP Review & Approval Template
Quality Assurance Assessment Plan Template

Corrective Action Management Program

O 414.1C
G 414.1-5

DOE O 414.1C Attachment 4 Requirements

Suspect/Counterfeit Items

10 CFR 830 A
O 414.1C
G 414.1-3

DOE O 414.1C Contractor Requirements

Safety Software Quality Assurance

10 CFR 830 A
O 414.1C
G 414.1-4

F.5.1 Software Project Management & Quality Planning
F.5.2 Software Risk Management
F.5.3 Software Configuration Management
F.5.4 Software Procurement & Supplier Management
F.5.5 Software Requirements Identification & Management
F.5.6 Software Design and Implementation
F.5.7 Software Safety
F.5.8 Software Verification & Validation
F.5.9 Software Problem Reporting & Corrective Action
F.5.10 Training Personnel in the Design, Development, Use, & Evaluation of Safety Software

Software Quality Assurance

O 200.1A
O 414.1C

DOE O 200.1A Federal Requirements
DOE O 200.1A Contractor Requirements

[American Society of Mechanical Engineers Nuclear Quality Assurance]

ASME NQA-1-2004 with addenda through 2007


Corporate Performance Metrics

EM Corporate Performance Metrics for Quality Assurance Programs

EM Corporate Performance Metrics - QAP

Site Assurance Program

O 226.1A
O 210.2
O 231.1A Chg 1
M 231.1-1A Chg 2
M 231.1-2

DOE O 226.1A Contractor Assurance Systems Criteria

Integrated Safety Management

M 450.4-1

ISMS Phase I BBC.1
ISMS Phase I BBC.2
ISMS Phase I BBC.3
ISMS Phase I DOE.1
ISMS Phase I DOE.2
ISMS Phase I HAZ.1
ISMS Phase I HAZ.2
ISMS Phase I HAZ.3
ISMS Phase I MG.1
ISMS Phase I MG.2
ISMS Phase I MG.3
ISMS Phase I MG.4




ISMS Annual Review

Worker Safety & Health

10 CFR 851
O 440.1B
O 442.1A
Electrical Practices Assessment Guidance


Radiation Protection Programs

10 CFR 835
O 5400.5 Chg 2


Nuclear Safety

10 CFR 830 B
O 410.1
O 420.1B
O 425.1C
INPO Principles for a Strong Nuclear Safety Culture


Environmental Management System

O 450.1A

DOE O 450.1A Federal Requirements
DOE O 450.1A Contractor Requirements

NEPA Compliance
[National Environmental Policy Act]

O 451.1B Chg 1

DOE O 451.1B Federal Requirements
DOE O 451.1B Contractor Requirements

Integrated Safeguards & Security Management

O 470.4A
O 410.2
M 470.4-1 Chg 1
M 470.4-2A
M 470.4-3A
M 470.4-4A
M 470.4-5
M 470.4-6 Chg 1
M 470.4-7
M 470.4-8


Cyber Security

O 205.1A
O 206.1
M 205.1-3
M 205.1-4
M 205.1-5 Adm Chg 2
M 205.1-6 Adm Chg 2
M 205.1-7 Adm Chg 2
M 205.1-8 Adm Chg 2


[National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication]


Emergency Management

O 151.1C
O 225.1A

DOE O 151.1C Federal Requirements
DOE O 151.1C Contractor Requirements

Continuity of Operations Program

O 150.1

DOE O 150.1 Federal Requirements
DOE O 150.1 Contractor Requirements


Employee Concerns Program

Lynette Chafin, Coordinator



The mission of the Employee Concerns Program is to independently and objectively address concerns, including but not limited to, health, safety, the environment, management practices, fraud, and waste, as well as, harassment, intimidation, retaliation or reprisal for raising a concern.