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Request for Controlled Unclassified Information

Notice to Potential Offerors

The OSMS procurement has associated informative documents that are considered Controlled Unclassified and are not available for public viewing on this website. This document list has recently undergone a review to update the required classification markings. As a result there are two indexes available here: OSMS CUI Index - March 17, 2022 and OSMS CUI Index - May 26, 2022.

To obtain access to the Controlled Unclassified documents, an interested party must submit a completed NDA for Access to OSMS CUI Documents (OLD) NDA for Access to OSMS CUI Documents (NEW) and be authorized by the Government. Interested parties may submit a completed form via email to the attention of Kimberly Tate, Contracting Officer, at OSMS@emcbc.doe.gov. Comments or questions regarding this process can be directed to the above email address.

The completed Non-Disclosure Agreement Form will be reviewed by DOE, and a determination will be made whether to provide access to the Controlled Unclassified documents to the interested party. An explanation will be given to the interested party if the request is denied. The Non-Disclosure Access Form shall be completed in its entirety and signed by an appropriate officer of the organization with authority to legally commit and bind the organization. The form can be downloaded from this webpage via the link above.

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