Environmental Cost Analysis System
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Environmental Management (EM) projects are capturing an increasingly large amount of public funds. In order to improve cost estimating and cost management of EM projects in DOE, the Applied Cost Engineering (ACE) team of the Environmental Management program, in coordination with the Environmental Cost Engineering Committee (EC2) developed an Environmental Cost Element Structure (ECES). This structure provides a common set of elements that can be used to describe the technical and administrative components, with related costs, for completed EM projects. Cost collection for these projects and cost estimates for planned and active projects are expedited by using the ECES.

The ACE team has also developed the Environmental Cost Analysis System (ECAS) to maintain and publish a database of completed Department of Energy Environmental Management projects. ECAS was developed to store and report data using the ECES structure and cost driving parameters (secondary parameters) to level 3 elements, and lower (level 5) if necessary. The system will provide detailed reporting of ECAS data to enable users to develop estimates for future projects, establish benchmarks, and promote improved cost control and cost management.


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