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There will not be an in-person Site Tour for the Moab RAC due to COVID-19 restrictions. Instead, DOE has provided a virtual tour alternative. This consists of prerecorded opportune videos and pictures of project activities, alongside a written script. Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, along with a Microsoft Word file narrating each slide of each presentation, are provided below. Registration for the virtual tour is not necessary; however, interested parties seeking business contacts for this opportunity may provide a name, organization name, and contact information to the Contracting Officer for posting to the procurement website if so desired. Such connections are encouraged, and may be emailed to the Contracting Officer, at, any time during the proposal preparation period.
UMTRA Project Overall Presentation (11MB)
UMTRA Project Overall Presentation Script (6MB)

CJ Site Tour Presentation Part 1 of 2 (149MB)

CJ Site Tour Presentation Part 2 of 2 (174MB)
CJ Site Tour Script (22MB)
Moab Site Tour Presentation Part 1 of 2 (64MB)
Moab Site Tour Presentation Part 2 of 2 (119MB)
Moab Site Tour Script (22MB)
Moab RAC’s Final RFP specifies all of the requirements for the Moab RAC procurement, and shall take precedence over these Site Tour contents in the event of any conflicting information. Information obtained outside of the Final RFP shall not be construed as being part of the Final RFP. Prospective Offerors shall prepare their proposals based solely on the requirements specified in the Final RFP, and in any accompanying amendments, if issued. Prospective Offerors shall be responsible for reviewing and the procurement website regularly for information, notices, and updates regarding the Final RFP. Operations depicted in this Site Tour’s contents are not intended to define Final RFP, Record of Decision, or Remedial Action (Inspection) Plan requirements.

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