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1. EM Closure Activities
1. Soil and Water Remediation
Deactivation and Decommissioning
Comprehensive Permit Listing for SRS (as of 5-17) -1.pdf
Comprehensive Permit Listing for SRS (as of 5-17).pdf
National Pollutant Discharge Elminiation Permt SC0000175 with mods.pdf
Part_70_Air_Permit_Rev_13 _12-11-07_Permit No. TV-0080-0041.pdf
Part-70_Air Permit_AttachmentA_Modeled Emission Rates.pdf
Part-70_Air Permit-AttachmentB_SRS InsignificantActivities.pdf
SRS Environmental Policy.pdf
SRS Environmental Report (2016).pdf
SRS Federal Facility Agreement.pdf
SRS Site Treatment Plan 2016 Update Rev. 4.pdf
2. Solid Waste Stabilization and Disposition
CR15M0144 - PBS 13 FY16 - FY20 Baseline BCP.pdf
SRS Solid Waste Briefing for KPMG 8-3-16-Revised.pptx
SRS Solid Waste Management System Plan FY17.pdf
3. Nuclear Materials Management
CAB Presentation Building 235-F_update.pdf
CAB Presentation K Area Overview 7.25.2017.pdf
CAB Presentation L_Area_Update_2016.pdf
CAB Presentation L-Area_Update_2017.pdf
CAB Presentation NEPA documents.pdf
CAB Presentation NM Management Program 5.2016.pdf
FACT SHEET  - H Canyon.pdf
FACT SHEET  - K Area Complex.pdf
FACT SHEET  - L Area Complex.pdf
FACT SHEET - HB Line.pdf
FACT SHEET - Plutonium Down-blend Process at SRS.pdf
FACT SHEET - SRS Building 235-F.pdf
FY16 EM Program Managment Plan SRS  FINAL 112916.pdf
SRS Nuclear Materials System Plan 111814 (public releasable) FY 2014.pdf
US DOE and TVA Interagency Agreement Mod 42 Contract 678.pdf
2. Savannah River National Laboratory
2017-2021 SRNL Strategic and Institutional Plan FINAL 8-8.pdf
Aiken County Technical Laboratory Lease_Redacted.pdf
Applied Research Center Lease_Redacted.pdf
DOE Labs Commission Interim Report Final.pdf
DOE O 413.2C Laboratory Directed R and D.pdf
FY 16 Minority Serving Partnership Program Summary - 9-29-16.pdf
FY16 Laboratory Directed R and D Program Annual Report.pdf
FY18 Laboratory Directed R and D Program Plan.pdf
ITER Lease_Redacted.pdf
Report of the SEAB Task Force on Tech Dev for EM FINAL.pdf
Report of the Sec. of Energgy Task Force on DOE National Labs Interim Report Final_0.pdf
SNRL Fact Sheet SRNL Shielded Cell Facility.pdf
SRNL EMs National Lab Governance Framework 10-25-2016.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative 12142016.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Applied Meteorology Program.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Cap and Contamination.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Carbon Flux Measurements Super Site at SRNL.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Clemson Univ. Power Grid Simulator.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Defense Nuke Nonprolif.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Electric Discharge Machining.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet EM Innovation Program.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Engineered Groundwater Solutions.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Geologic Core Repository Testbed.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Groundwater Testbed.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Impact on International Security Training.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Innovative Low-Cost Mercury Treatment.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Intelligence and Nonproliferation  Assessments.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Long-Term Radionuclide Field Lysimeter Experiment.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Mobile Plutonium Facility.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Modeling Capabilities.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Natual Gas Fuel Systems for Vehicles.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Nuclear Materials Process Design, Develop. and Demonstration.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet R and D as a Hedge against Project Uncertainties.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Radioactive Matl Processing Testbed.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Radionuclide Field  Lysimeters Testbed.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Regional Groundwater Network Testbed.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Scaled Testing and Demonstration.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Secure Data Collection and Archival.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Sharp Selective Nanocatylists - Direct Methanol Fuel Cells.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet SRNL Overview.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Stream Scale EcosystemTestbed.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Techical Assistance Program.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Testing and Evaluation Capabilities.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Virtual Subsurface Testbed.pdf
SRNL Fact Sheet Waste Form Development, Qualification and Disposition.pdf
SRNL Site by Numbers June 2017.pdf
3. Site Program Support-Services
1. Engineering and Construction
1.  Engineering, Design, and Technical Services
List of Engineering Requirements.pdf
SRID Configuration Management Functional Area  03.0.pdf
SRID Engineering Program Functional Area 07.0.pdf
SRS Eng. Standard Manual Att. 1 WSRC TM-95-1.pdf
2. Construction Management Services
SRID Construction Program Functional Area 08.0.pdf
2. Operations Support
1. Infrastructure Maintenance
Infrastructure Management Federal Responsibilities 5-5-16.pptx
Infrastructure Planning 9-21-16.pptx
Proposed 5 Year Infrastructure Plan 8-23-16.pptx
SRS Infrastructure Planning 9-21-16.pdf
2. Site  Safeguards  and  Security
SRS Policy Manual  SRSPM250-1-1e.pdf
3. Historic Preservation
Work Package Scope for Historic Preservation.pdf
4. Business Services
2018 Service Level Agreements - Crosswalk Report.pdf
1. Strategic and Program Planning(Long and Short Range)
DOE ORDER 430.1C (Real Property Asset Management) 19 AUG 2016.pdf
SRS LAND USE PLAN - 2015.pdf
SRS Strategic Plan 2011.pdf
SRS Tent Yar Site Plan (FY 2016-2025).pdf
2. Accounting-Budget-Financial Management
Circular No. A-11 Prep., Submission & Exec. of the Budget 2016.pdf
DOE M 481.1-1A Reimbursable Work for Non-Federal Sponsors.pdf
DOE O 481.1D Strategic Partnership Projects.pdf
3. Employee Concerns
DOE O44421A-1(1) Employee Concerns Program.pdf
SRIP_442_1_R3_DOE Emp Concerns Program.pdf
SRNS SRID Compliance Data DOE O 442.1A.pdf
4. Information Resources Management, Development and Operation
Facility Information Management System USER GUIDE -3-2-17.pdf
5. Real and Personal Property Management
DOE REAL ESTATE DESK GUIDE - 2014 update.pdf
DOE Real Property Efficiency Plan 2015.pdf
FY 17 Real Property Data Related to Op. and Maint.  Guidance.pdf
6. Internal Oversight(Internal and Contracts Audit)
Acq Guide Cooperative Audit Strategy.pdf
CFO Risk Profile Template 01-23-17.xlsm
DOE FM Handbook - Current.pdf
DOE O534.1B Accounting.pdf
Federal Travel Regulation 2016-02.pdf
Internal Control Evaluations FY 2017 Guidance.pdf
7. Public Affairs
Public Affairs Input for M and O RFP.pdf

Documents Library Posting #2 (August 27, 2018)

Savannah River Site (SRS)
Management & Operating (M&O) Contract Technical Challenges Workshop



DOE SRS Tech Workshop Presentation



DOE SRS Tech Workshop Meeting Minutes and Q&A’s



DOE SRS Tech Workshop Attendees & Affiliations


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