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for the
Characterization, Deactivation/Demolition, and Remediation Services of Low-Risk/Low-Complexity Facilities and Sites
for the Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is seeking a contractor for environmental consulting and remediation services for planning and conducting characterization, deactivation, demolition, remediation, recycling, and waste disposition, in support of Environmental Management (EM) programs and projects on the Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR), located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The Y-12 National Security Complex (Y-12 NSC), the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and the East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP) include numerous facilities, soils, concrete slabs, containerized and non-containerized debris, and aging legacy waste populations that require investigation and additional characterization in order to determine appropriate disposal options. Following completion of characterization activities, the Contractor may be requested to perform deactivation and demolition of facilities, or site remediation. In these cases, the Contractor shall be responsible for the removal, recycling, and/or disposition of facilities, structures, primary and secondary waste generated as a result. Relevant professional technical support requirements include, but are not limited to development of and performing the following:

  • Federal Facilities Agreement documentation including but not limited to; data quality objectives (DQO), sampling and analysis plans (SAP), data quality assessments (DQA), waste handling plans (WHP), remedial action work plans (RAWP), technical memorandums, etc
  • Comprehensive characterization services to include structures, soils, waste, equipment, etc.
  • Deactivation of low-risk low-complexity facilities
  • Demolition of low-risk low-complexity facilities
  • Remediation of low-risk low-complexity sites
  • Recycling of non-radiologically contaminated equipment, items and materials
  • Disposition of primary and secondary waste
  • Technical briefings of stakeholders
  • Preparation of technical reports
All support requirements shall be in accordance with the Federal Facilities Agreement (FFA). These requirements are found at http://www.ucor.com/ettp_ffa.html.

The Documents Library page of this website will be periodically updated to include various types of relevant information concerning this acquisition.

Contracting Officer: Jessica Speed (865) 576-0648
Contract Specialist: Carol Jennings (865) 574-5563


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