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Requesting Controlled Sensitive Data
Notice to Potential Offerors

This website will contain publicly releasable documents within the "Documents Library" that can be viewed or downloaded by parties interested in the Operation of DUF6 Conversion Facilities procurement. Additionally, this website will contain a list of documents that are considered sensitive information and are not available for public viewing on this website.

To obtain these sensitive documents, contractors and their subcontractors must submit two completed documents: 1) a completed Non-Disclosure Agreement for Release of Proprietary, Confidential or Sensitive Business Information form that will be processed and approved by the Government and 2) a completed Agreement for Access to Controlled Unclassified Information Under Department of Energy DUF6 Facilities Operations Solicitation No. DE-SOL-0007016. Both forms shall be completed in their entirety and signed by an appropriate officer of the organization with authority to legally commit and bind the organization.

Interested parties may submit electronic versions of both forms via email to the attention of Wilmari Delgado: wilmari.delgado@emcbc.doe.gov .  Any comments or questions regarding this process can be directed to Ms. Delgado at the above email address. The completed non-disclosure agreements will be reviewed by DOE, and a determination will be made whether to release the sensitive information. An explanation will be given to the interested party if the request for access is denied.

Download the following documents:

Complete the non-disclosure agreements and submit them to DOE as instructed above.
List of documents sent on CD on 10/29/2015 List of documents sent on CD on 11/04/2015

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