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Contract No. DE-EM0003722, Hanford 222-S Laboratory Analysis and Testing Services

Contract No. DE-AC27-08RV1480, Tank Operations Contract

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222-S Facility
 10-222-S Lab Fact Sheet  - June 2017.pdf
 222-S Laboratory Documented Safety Analysis.pdf
 222-S Laboratory Technical Safety Requirements.pdf
 222-S Life Extension Strategic Management Plan.pdf
 HEPA Filter Management Plan.pdf
 Presentation - Hanford 222-S Laboratory Contract.pptx
 CATEGORICAL EXCLUSION FOR the Facility Upgrades at 222-S
 Labs Property Listing, 102318
 222-S Lab Fact Sheet Aug 2018
222-S Laboratory Rooms Not Seen on Tour_MultiCurie
 Room 1A.mp4
 Room 1B.mp4
Analytical Operations
Example Sample Reports
 Final Analytical Report for Tank 241-SY-102 GRAB Samples Collected September 2017.pdf
 Final Report for Tank 241-C-105 Hard Heel Retrieval Fiscal Year 2017.pdf
 Final Report for Tank 241-C-105 Hard Heel Retrieval Fiscal Year 2017.pdf
 HASQARD Vol 1_Rev 3.pdf
 HASQARD Vol 2_Rev 3.pdf
 HASQARD Vol 3_Rev 3.pdf
 HASQARD Vol 4_Rev 3.pdf
 DOE-RL-96-68 Rev  4 - HASQARD Volume 1.pdf
 DOE-RL-96-68 Rev  4 - HASQARD Volume 2.pdf
 DOE-RL-96-68 Rev  4 - HASQARD Volume 3.pdf
 DOE-RL-96-68, Rev 4 - HASQARD Volume 4.pdf
Performance Testing
 018_FinalReport52653 MRAD_25 11222016.pdf
 019_CHMH01_MAPEP_Series35.pd 12012016.pdf
 025_03062017_WP-264 FinalReport52653.pdf
 026_04172017 BePAT-43.pdf
 AIR PT Scheme-6-Individual Report.pdf
 AIR PT Scheme-7-Individual Report.pdf
 ERA Aldehydes Final Report AE 031.pdf
 ERA Aldehydes Final Report AE 032.pdf
 FinalReport52653 Nitrite 05022017.pdf
 WP-260 Final Report 10312016.pdf
Process Chemistry
Research and Technology Development
SMO Biweekly-03-18-18.pdf
SMO Biweekly-04-01-18.pdf
SMO Biweekly-10-15-17.pdf
SMO Biweekly-10-29-17.pdf
Sample Projections
 DFLAW 222-S Laboratory Operational Research Model Basis and Assumptions Document.pdf
 Integrated DFLAW Feed Qualification Data Quality Objectives.pdf
 Tank Operations Contractor Sampling Projections for FY2018 Through FY2022.pdf
Tank Sampling and Analysis Plan
 Tank 241-AW-105 Grab Sampling and Analysis Plan for Fiscal Year 2018.pdf
 Tank 241-AY-101 Grab Sampling and Analysis Plan - Post-Recirculation.pdf
 Tank 241-SY-103 Core Sampling and Analysis Plan.pdf
Example Interface Agreements
 C.2.1.6 WAI-MSA MOA.pdf
 WRPS-1704161 SLA Letter and Att.pdf
 WAI MOU with HAMTC (extend CBA for 1 year, GWI, benefits)
222-S Laboratory PLAN OF THE WEEK for Week of April 2, 0218.pdf
222-S Laboratory PLAN OF THE WEEK for Week of April 9, 2018.pdf
222-S Laboratory PLAN OF THE WEEK for Week of April 23, 2018.pdf
222S PMs.pdf
222S_CMs (Closed).pdf
222S_CMs (Open).pdf
222S_PMs (All).pdf
Data Date_23-Apr-18  Schedule 042318.pdf
Instrument List.pdf
POW 04.16.2018 -- Team 222-S.pdf
Facility Strategic Documents
222-S Spare Parts 10-2-2018
Infrastructure Stewardship Plan RPP-RPT-55977_-_Rev_03
Laboratory Re-Configuration for LBL support
Major Anticipated Construction Projects
RPP-RPT-41572_REV_1_222-S Laboratory Facility Layout Optimization Study
RPP-RPT-42486_-_Rev_0_-_[0910011950] 222-S Laboratory Complex Layout Optimization Study
RPP-RPT-46803,_REV_0_219-S Improvement Study
RPP-RPT-47179_-_Rev_00_222-S DMWSA Improvement Study
RPP-RPT-57627_-_Rev_00_222-S Laboratory Facility Reliability Study
Permits and License
Hanford Facility Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Permit
Hanford Site Air Operating Permit (AOP), Permit Number 00-05-006, Renewal 2, Rev B
RAEL-FF-01--Radioactive Air Emissions License
State Waste Discharge Permit, Permit No ST0004502
State Waste Discharge Permit, Permit No ST0004511
Sub-Contracts currently held by 222-S Lab
222-S Lab Instrument Maintenance Sub-Contractors
Treatment, storage, and disposal facility(TSDF)
WRPS Offsite Labs List
Base Rates
222-S Laboratory Labor Rate Buildup
Implementing Documents
CATEGORICAL EXCLUSION FOR the Facility Upgrades at 222-S
DOE EM-0158P Sampling Quality Assurance EM Environmental Sampling and Analysis Activities
DOE RL 89-10, REV. 8 Hanford Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order
DOE RL 94-02, Rev 6 Hanford Emergency Management Plan
DOE RL-2002-12, Rev. 1 Hanford Radiological Health and Safety Document
DOEEIS-0222 Amended Record of Decision for the Hanford Comprehensive Land Use Plan(Sept 2008)
DOEEIS-0222 Record of Decision Hanford Comprehensive Land Use Plan EIS. 64 FR 61615(Nov. 1999)
Federal Register 75913(December 2013)
HNF-36174_-_Rev_06_Hanford Fire Protection
HNF-52336_Authority, Responsibilities, and Duties of the Hanford Fire Marshal_Rev_00
MGT-PM-IP-08 R6 Facility Representative Program
No 208 CV 5085 RMP Order Granting Joint Motion to Amend Consent Decree(October 12, 2018)
NO 208-CV-5085-RMP, Doc 222, Amended Consent Decree Between Department of Energy and State of Washington
NO 208-CV-5085-RMP, Doc 232, Second Amended Consent Decree Between Department of Energy and State of Washington
OUO/CUI Documents List
List of Implementing Documents
WHL List of Procedures
WRPS List of Procedures
Historical Cost Reference Data

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